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Acupuncture  – Tony Orridge Dip.Ac., MBAcC; ITEC

Tony has been practising from the Magnolia Therapy Centre (formerly the Nottingham Natural Health Centre) since 1987. Initially focusing on sports massage then extending his practice to acupuncture after qualifying from the Northern College of Acupuncture, York, in 1995. He is a full member of the British Acupuncture Council.

Tony has over twenty years’ acupuncture experience, completing further training with international clinicians including Julian Scott (paediatric acupuncture) Debra Betts (Pregnancy) and Jane Lyttleton (Fertility and IVF).

Tony has a special interest in treating;

Menstruation, fertility, IVF and pregnancy – the aim of acupuncture is to create the optimal conditions for fertility and where necessary support the IVF process.   

Muscular skeletal conditions – often combining sports massage with acupuncture to more accurately target the area to be treated. 

Babies and children – using extremely fine needles and a gentle technique Tony provides treatment for babies from six months to children of sixteen years. 

Tony runs clinics on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and is happy to discuss treatment options prior to booking an appointment. 

To book an appointment with Tony, contact the Centre on 0115 960 8855 or take a look at for further information.

Acupuncture  – Louise Lipman M.Sc., Dip.Ac., MBAcC

Louise's clinics run on MondaysThursdays and Fridays and she is happy to discuss treatment options prior to booking an appointment.

To book an appointment with Louise, contact the Centre on 0115 960 8855 or take a look at for further information.

About Louise

Most people have a ‘story’ of how they came to be doing what they are doing, for me it was kidney disease. At the time I was an airline pilot and the main symptom of swelling up like a Michelin man meant my license was immediately revoked. Very suddenly, my life was very different and in fact, never the same again.

It was a very challenging time, not only did I feel extremely tired (like a thousand times more than ‘the end of the week type tired’!) it was an emotional turmoil as well – flying was my passion and I was not allowed to fly while I was ill. I was thrown into a world of hospitals, doctors and long medical words. Instead of sitting confidently at the front of a familiar plane, I was now a vulnerable passenger in an unfamiliar world.

My life changed. I fell back on something familiar – I had been treated by acupuncture before for relatively mild problems, and this time acupuncture was helpful again, but only for the symptoms of the kidney disease and side-effects of treatments. I had to be realistic, this time acupuncture was not a cure, and I went on to have a kidney transplant. However, it was the combination of acupuncture, conventional medicine and a strategic lifestyle approach that saw me through to good health and despite predictions to the contrary, back to flying. However, the whole experience had uncovered another passion and world of possibilities.

Being able to combine the profoundly helpful treatment of acupuncture with conventional medicine, I considered this powerful combination should be available to all. It became clear that the NHS needed research in the field of acupuncture and my analytical skills from my flying days made me an ideal candidate for this level of research. I was accepted on one of the first MSc courses in Acupuncture in the country… for research purposes only I thought. Well it must have only been a few weeks into the 4 year course that I realized my fate had been unveiled – I was captured by the profound philosophy of the 5000 year old Chinese medical system and the desire to work with and help people achieve their own goals.

My cockpit skills of dealing with a complex set of systems were being called into action in this new role as an Acupuncture practitioner being able to see clearly through the numerous complex set of symptoms and make sense of them – this time I was using the framework of the very cohesive and all-encompassing system of Chinese Medicine.

Since then I have been on a continual path of exploration, study and discovery in this field. This would not be possible for me without my own practice of the martial art Tai Ji which I also teach and is another expression of Chinese medicine. My quest for learning has not always taken me along the most common routes; there are very few acupuncturists who have also studied Integrative Quantum Medicine. Similarly, my more recent acupuncture training with Dr Tan has lifted me on to a new plane with my acupuncture, a level that I knew was there theoretically – I just hadn’t previously known how to get on to it! Dr Tan has sadly now passed on but was a master practitioner originally from Taiwan who lived in San Diego and specialised in classical 3,000 year old acupuncture. He came to London occasionally to teach a few students techniques which are both dramatic and breathtakingly quick in terms of the results and effect. Studying under him has truly transformed my practice.

The ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine gives me a powerful tool with which to approach the complexities of 21st Century life. As a complete system of medicine, most ailments are worth considering from this perspective. My passion is to help enable people to maintain and develop their own path in their world.

Acupuncture Detox Protocol:

NADA  is the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

The NADA Protocol is an acupuncture technique commonly and easily used to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal and is used for detoxification and relapse prevention along with ongoing support in recovery.

The NADA-style treatment is now used to treat much broader fields than addiction and substance misuse.

Initially used as an effective system for helping addiction and substance misuse, the NADA protocol is now used to support treatment for the following

    •       General stress

  •       Promotes relaxation in young people including those with behavioural disorders  

    •       Mental health

    •       Anxiety management and panic disorder

    •       Aiding recovery from some prescribed medication dependency

    •       Post traumatic stress syndrome

    •       Smoking cessation

    •       Weight loss / gain

    •       Helps the Immune system

    •       The protocol is known to have a calming effect on the central nervous system.


The treatment process involves the gentle insertion of up to five fine, single use, sterilised, stainless steel disposable needles into specific energetic points in the outer ear. The outer ear acts like a switchboard that sends impulses to the brain, which stimulate the release of endorphins, lowers stress and induces relaxation. 

For those who don’t like needles, tiny magnetic gold beads  can be placed on the specific ear points using sticky tape. These beads can then be left in the ear for ongoing benefit between treatments. This is also a good option for children.

Group or individual treatments are available.

As well as being a fully registered acupuncturist with the British Acupuncture Council, Louise is trained by and registered with NADA GB  in the NADA protocol

Dr Tan Balance Method of Acupuncture

Several ancient acupuncture texts describe how a shadow appears the moment a pole is stood up under the sun.

 立 竿 见 影

Li Gan Jian Ying

Set up a pole and see the shadow.

It is said that the effects of stimulating acupuncture points should be that immediate. Remarkably, the Balance method of acupuncture taught by Dr Tan Wu Ban often manage this response. This method can be astonishing for pain of any type, not just muscles and joints, but also for other pains in the body such as digestive and gynaecological pains. One of the benefits of the Balance method is that is avoids needling into the affected area and  the patients can move their joints and feel relief within seconds.

Louise was lucky enough to be one of the few acupuncturists in the UK to study with Dr Tan before he died. Since 2012, Louise has incorporated the Dr Tan Balance Method into her practice, and is very impressed with the results it brings to her patients. Louise feels incredibly fortunate to be able to offer his treatment methods in Nottingham.

About Dr Tan Wu Ban

From an early age growing up in Taiwan, he began learning the philosophies and healing practices of traditional Chinese medicine. As a young adult, he further nourished this knowledge by reading ancient Chinese medical texts in addition to his education in engineering.

Western interest in acupuncture was just beginning to take off when Dr Tan arrived in the US to pursue a PhD in engineering. Despite the growing global recognition of acupuncture’s benefits, he saw that the results of modern clinical practice weren’t as effective as what had been documented in historical texts or what he had observed in practice as a young man in Taiwan.

Several ancient acupuncture texts describe how a shadow appears the moment a pole is stood up under the sun. The effects of stimulating acupuncture points should be that immediate. However, only a handful of modern masters had achieved such results after decades of practice. Similar effects were not possible for most practitioners.

Certain that anybody could consistently see immediate results if given the right framework, Dr Tan set out to develop a modern basis for systematically learning, understanding and applying the networks of energy channels in the human body.

The results speak for themselves. Instant clinical efficacy has become the hallmark of the Balance Method. Thousands of patients travelled to his clinic in San Diego, California, each year to receive his treatments and find new hope to achieve a healthy balance in life. Now, the reach of the Balance Method extends far beyond Dr Tan’s own clinic, thanks to his willingness to share his knowledge with others through his seminars and books.

Physiotherapy with Acupuncture

Louise Williams BSc (Hons), HCPC, MCSP, AACP

Physiotherapist - specialising in the management of chronic pain, health and wellbeing.

My dance with pain started 16 years ago during my pregnancy with my youngest son, I have had chronic back pain since and more recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome. This journey led me to try many treatments and sparked my interest in becoming a Physiotherapist. Shortly after graduating from the University of Nottingham in 2011 I began working with people who have chronic pain, running cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) based group pain management programmes and individual education and rehabilitation for pain reduction. The research evidence strongly suggests, that learning active self-management strategies to cope with and reduce persistent pain is more effective than becoming reliant on passive treatment alone, this has also been my experience.

To facilitate self-management and rehabilitation I have developed a holistic diversity of skills, including; Acupuncture, Reflexology, Movement Intelligence, Massage, Mindful relaxation and diaphragmatic breathing, Pacing, Goal setting, Postural advice, Activities of daily living, Flare up planning and Sleep hygiene. Exercise guidance is based around establishing comfortable physical functional everyday activities, and progressing personal goals. Chronic pain can have a devastating impact on our lives, physically, emotionally and socially. I work intuitively by listening to the personal story and developing meaningful goals. Working together, potential barriers to progression can be identified and challenged.

The aim of my practice is to support and facilitate self-healing and restore the body’s tissues to health. Improving physical function and looking at some of the issues which may have arisen as a result of persistent pain enables people to: get out more and do the things they enjoy, return to work, improve relationships with others, increase confidence and feel in control. How we relate to our pain colours our experience. By changing our relationship, a progressive path of self-development will evolve, which will in turn create greater health and wellbeing to ‘dance’ through life.

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