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The Magnolia Therapy Centre is located on Mansfield Road, Nottingham

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La Piel Facials and Skincare

At La Piel we offer fabulous facials to women giving a luxurious treat for the skin. 

Our clients tend to come to us when their skin isn’t at its best, or because they are experiencing skincare issues such as fine lines, uneven skin-tone or dry skin or as a treat for any occasion. 

The ladies leave us looking and feeling younger with smoother, brighter and hydrated skin. They feel deeply relaxed and their mood is lifted. 

As highly qualified aromatherapists and botanical skincare experts we use the power of plants in our hand blended oils, balms and creams for each clients individual needs. 

Together with advanced massage techniques to work on acupressure points removing toxins and boosting circulation to soothe and heal the skin. 

By coming to us regularly our clients are investing in their skin health and inner wellbeing. We support our ladies to establish a beneficial skincare routine using our botanical products that go beyond skin deep. 

We are a staple in the lives of every woman we treat and educate about having healthy glowing skin. 

The Rescue Facial - £75.00 - 50 minutes 

A helping hand for your skin, the Rescue facial boosts circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system to remove toxins and purify the skin. Using healing calendula and almond oils blended with detoxifying essential oils this treatment is perfect for anyone experiencing skin issues due to hormonal imbalances, lack of sleep or a busy lifestyle. The Rescue facial cleanses and hydrates to restore a healthy, bright complexion. 

Includes a personal skin consultation.

The Radiance Facial - £100 - 75 minutes 

Revitalising and hydrating, the Radiance facial boosts the skin's natural brightness. Blends of rosehip oil and vitamin E encourage even skin tone and texture, great for those who suffer with redness, pigmentation or dry and uneven skin. Neroli and orange blossom oils are massaged into the skin to feed skin cells and lift mood, encouraging a lasting glow from the inside out.

Includes a personal skin consultation.


Absolute Glow Facial - £150 - 90 minutes 

A truly relaxing treatment, the Absolute Glow facial includes a bespoke blend of essential oils created for your skin's needs. Natural marine collagen is used to reduce fine lines and firm the skin, whilst aloe & seaweed gel hydrates and brightens the under-eyes. Luxurious rose and frankincense oils promote a youthful glow, soothing stress and tension in the face. This treatment leaves your skin rejuvenated and positively glowing.

Includes an in-depth personal skin consultation, and your personal blend facial oil to take away with you. 

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