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Break The Links  - ADDICTION programmes

a life without limitation

Hello I’m Katherine Deamer and I am a highly intuitive Addiction Specialist Hypnotherapist and Counsellor working very successfully with those that have a deep desire to change and the will and the fire to seek my help to leave their addictions behind them. 

From my work over several years I have designed my Break The Links programmes: a gateway to freedom and wholeness, a hybrid of all my success with new and innovative additions that have come together perfectly to produce even more powerful and transformational outcomes.

Working with you in breaking your addiction I rebalance, retrain and reframe your old thought processes, your old behaviours, your old beliefs, that were holding you down, for change and transformation to begin. You have a new start where you can create a life without separation and isolation, a life where your pleasure is not reliant on an addiction. A new life where your self trust is strong and you can live bigger, better, brighter, whole and complete, where the buzz comes through living in a heart-centred way, laughter and lightness instead.

As part of my 2 Addiction programmes I use time out in Nature and therapy while we walk and talk. I have found that this offers enormous therapeutic benefit. It is a part of the healing to be connected to the beautiful countryside where we can power up in a natural way and talk through issues and fears. It’s therapy but it doesn’t feel like therapy and gives you a chance to sense, to know, to feel, to grow, to heal and to release.

Your well-being and success is my priority and I adapt my programme to fit your own uniqueness. I want you to feel the richness of life and thrive and so I guide and support you, I walk it with you, and when needed, I am the light to see by. I am your Lighthouse.

So if you have that strong desire to change I look forward to connecting with you

My number is: 07780001340    

I look forward to talking to you soon.             

Best wishes, Katherine