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Massage & other Bodywork Treatments

Remedial Massage, LaStone Therapy & Ayurvedic Massage  - Richenda Carlton:

I will consult with and assess you during your visit, offering advice and tailoring the treatment you receive to your requirements, whether you’re suffering from stress and tension, have some sort of injury, or would just like a treatment to unwind and relax.

Prevention is better than cure.

Massage options with Richenda

Relaxing Massage
Relaxing Massage is good for de-stressing, or if you just need to relax. The treatment consists of flowing strokes/kneading and gentle manipulation of the muscles. This is great for tense muscles and relaxing the mind.

Remedial Massage
Remedial Massage is good for particular muscle tension or chronic pain. The treatment involves deep tissue work and pressure points. It can help with sciatica, stiff necks, headaches, back pain, whiplash or RSI.

LaStone Massage
LaStone Massage is a deep massage that uses soothing oils or warm basalt, and sometimes cold marble stones to deeply relax your muscles. The hot and cold detoxes and heals. This increases lymph flow and helps to flush out waste. It can help with muscular pain, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, stress and depression, arthritic and rheumatic conditions.

Ayurvedic head, neck shoulder massage
Ayurvedic head, neck shoulder massage is a seated massage using marma points. This is good for helping with anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, migraines and hair conditions.

Ayurvedic full body massage
Ayurvedic full body massage relaxes and detoxifies using long, flowing movements and marma points. This is good for relaxation, fatigue, anxiety and eczema and can improve circulation.

Pinda Sweda and Udvartana
Pinda sweda and udvartana involves massaging the body with a warm bolus (herbs tied in a muslin cloth and made into a bundle) using a pummelling technique. This is followed by ground ayurvedic herbs which are rubbed over the body, thus reducing pain and the onset or general feeling of fatigue. This in turn will promote a sense of wellbeing.

Richenda's clinic runs on Mondays and Tuesdays.  To book an appointment with Richenda, call her on 07971 190937.

When cancelling an appointment, please give at least 24 hours notice, otherwise the full treatment fee will be charged.

Ayur-Ved – Sapna Pandya:

Ayurveda is an ancient lifestyle practice which aims to create harmony within the body. It is based on the philosophy of health and lifestyle that treats the whole person and not just the symptoms. 
I specialise in Ayurvedic Massage along with the specific Marma Points (also referred to as energy points) to help restore balance to the body. 
Stimulating the Marma Points helps to remove blockages, enabling the five cosmic elements to flow and restore balance and can help to:

  • relieve depression and anxiety
  • lower stress hormones in the blood
  • improve sleep
  • enhance the immune system
  • make us more alert

For further information and treatment types please visit: 
 Alternatively you can contact me via email: or mobile 07958 670664

Boryana Stoykova-Dimova Dip RM (MSM) – Remedial Massage 

Boryana is a Remedial Massage Therapist, qualified at The Midlands School of Remedial Massage and Manipulative Therapy. She is a member of Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT) and Complimentary Natural Health Council (CNHC).

Remedial massage involves working on the soft or deep tissue of the body to ease day-to-day stresses and muscular tension.  It helps deliver blood and oxygen to the treated areas and can also be used in support of other therapies to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries.

Boryana offers a free, preliminary consultation to see if Remedial Massage is an appropriate treatment choice for you.   

Call 07473687676 ~ booking is essential

  • First visit (Consultation, assessment & treatment) ~ £35  ~ Allow 45 mins – 50 mins for this appointment
  • Follow up visits ~ £30 ~ Allow approx 30 mins'

Jennifer Williamson - Surreal Holistic Therapies

About me

Hello my name is Jennifer, I am VTCT qualified in complementary therapy with several years experience. The treatments I provide are Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Relaxation Remedial, Hot Stone therapy,Balinese massage, Holistic facials,manicure/pedicures and waxing

Most of my treatments are influenced  through  years of extensive research on the benefits of massage therapy and  my travels to the Motherland  Africa and  Far East Asia, where massage therapy is used as a healing tool, to treat the whole person, the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the body to achieve optimal wellness.

While on my travels around Indonesia, I enrolled on an Aromatherapy Balinese massage course at the International spa Academy in Bali Indonesia, which was truly amazing and  inspiring as I learned  about ancient massage rituals and techniques

The Balinese( Eastern) massage is a form of deep tissue massage designed to work almost every muscle in the body.  Originating on the island of Bali, this massage involves a combination of techniques, including, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy into one session. Often used for relaxation, this type of massage also helps to  loosen muscles and ease pain.

All of the product I use are  organic and eco-friendly  with the additional essential oil tailored to meet your individual needs.

My aim is  to treat each  client  with a holistic, clinical approach to well-being and  healthy skin, from prescriptive  facials to waxing which enables you to  discover the perfect  treatment for you. In warm, relaxing and inviting environment  where I  set realistic aftercare advice from diet, nutrition and exercise with a view of improving your psychological and physical needs.

  • Competitive prices on all treatments

  • VTCT Qualified

  • Public liability insured on all services

  • A member of the Guild of Beauty Therapist

  • Holistic therapies and aromatherapy

  • Holistic Facials

  • Waxing  

  • Manicure/Pedicure

  • Body scrubs

  • Spa packages

I provide a comprehensive range of complimentary  services in Sherwood  and throughout Nottingham. All my services are competitively priced and are performed to the highest standard.

To book an appointment with me, contact 07758754317

Balm Therapies – Beverli Taylor

Balm Therapies offers an holistic approach to wellbeing, utilising a range of complimentary therapies which facilitate the process of creating balance. 

I offer both psychological and physical therapies.  Prospective clients are offered a consultation which will assist in identifying suitability of treatment, and whether any contraindications are indicated.

A therapist can assist where individuals are experiencing major life changes, as a result of redundancy, unemployment, relationship breakdown, divorce, death and bereavement. Challenges which are sometimes experienced by individuals may relate to work related stress, anxiety and depression, and having a safe space to discuss these issues can help in making them more manageable.  

There are times when experiences which may be buried deep within the psyche  re-emerge to impact on our daily lives, often when we are least expecting it.

Taking the time out to give voice to the feelings surrounding experiences can bring about a greater sense of awareness and clarity, and provide new ways of managing difficulties.

As an holistic practitioner I fully recognise that the psychological challenges which we experience can sometimes manifest themselves in physical symptoms e.g. insomnia, headaches, muscle tension, and a general feeling of fatigue.  It is with this knowledge that I work with each recipient to identify a treatment which will assist in bringing about the balance we hope to achieve.

After care, guidance and advice is offered to all clients.  This can assist in maintaining wellbeing between treatments, and on completion of the process support clients in being active participants in their own well-being. 

If you would like further details please get in touch.  I am able to offer telephone, skype or online contact.  Please check the Balm Therapies website for further details. 





Andrea Duncan

‘For management of pain, improved mobility and increased wellbeing’

Andrea offers a combination of approaches in bodywork with an aim of helping the individual understand, improve or learn to manage bodily limitation, discomfort and pain.  We may explore potential root causes to help prevent patterns recurring if possible.

Andrea qualified in Shiatsu in 2002 and added to her treatment options with Remedial Massage, Manipulation Therapy and Movement Shiatsu.  Treatment may involve assessment of body structures, gentle manipulation, stretches, muscular relaxation and joint release with the use of traditional direct massage and bodywork techniques, pressure points and more subtle approaches.  The aim is to help the person develop greater self-awareness and knowledge of how to relax deeply.

Remedial Massage uses oil directly on skin.  The term comes from the word ‘Remedy’ meaning this type of massage aims to identify the source of an issue and find a helpful solution or improvement.  However, there does not have to be an ‘issue’ to book a massage!  Anyone can enjoy the benefits of feeling relaxed and having more freedom of movement.  Massage can be used to maintain good health and to continue to have an active lifestyle.

Shiatsu is a type of bodywork received fully clothed and originates from Japan, having the same roots as Traditional Chinese Medicine. This treatment can help the person find a deeper connection with themselves and their body, to look at emotional issues and stress stored in the body and to release pain and discomfort. It may help support self-care and life changes which enhance wellbeing. But most importantly, it may help you feel good!

Receiving this kind treatment can be a good complement to exercise and active hobbies or work and to tackling persistent health issues with other therapies such as acupuncture and manipulation (chiropractic or osteopathic treatment) for example.

Andrea has worked in the NHS in mental health for more than twenty years, offering treatments for service users in the past as well as for the general public.  She recognises how mental-emotional problems, stress and life factors can impact health and wellbeing. She has varied fields of work including health research and the use of arts in health in addition to Complementary Therapies.

To book: Ring/text Andrea on 07815458951

Appointments are available on Monday evenings, Wednesdays all day and evening and Thursday daytime.