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Homeopathy - Louisa Lera

Our fully-qualified homeopathic practitioner at the Magnolia Therapy Centre is Louisa Lera, offering appointments for adults, children and babies.

Here is more information about Louisa, her fees and appointment times.

Homeopathy with Louisa Lera  BSc(Hons), MCH, PCH, RSHom

Are you feeling unwell, or lacking in energy, but your GP can’t find anything wrong with you?

Are you concerned about taking prescribed medication, and looking for an alternative, wherever possible?

Do you have health problems like frequent headaches, hormonal ups and downs or a skin condition, which can’t be totally resolved with conventional medical treatment?

Would you like to try a natural, ecologically sustainable approach to your health, including your emotional and psychological health?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, now is the time to book an appointment with Louisa for homeopathic treatment.

I was very fortunate to have chosen Louisa. From the outset she has been warm and engaging, working at my pace, helping and supporting me to find remedies; to find solutions to the difficulties I experienced. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced homeopath and her practice of other healing techniques and therapies has added immensely to my patient experience (so she’s also great value for money!).  

The homeopathic approach takes into account all aspects of you, not just your illness or symptoms – you are treated as a unique individual. The first appointment takes about 2 hours, and is very thorough, as we get down to the root cause of what is making you unwell. Louisa may ask you to think quite deeply about yourself, in a way that you have probably not done before – this is a very different process to therapy, counselling or anything else!

After the first appointment is over, Louisa spends more time – sometimes several hours – considering carefully everything you’ve talked about, and analysing which remedy will be right just for you. She will then post you the remedy, with clear instructions. Louisa is happy to discuss your treatment with you between appointments – she makes sure that her clients are given all the information and reassurance that they need.

Typically, after a good remedy is prescribed, you will feel a greater sense of well being, with more energy. As you improve, your symptoms will subside.

Homeopathy originated in Germany over 200 years ago, and is now practiced throughout the world. It is recognised by the World Health Organisation and the NHS here in Britain. Around 30 million Europeans use homeopathy.


Homeopathy for Your Child

There are a number of reasons to bring your baby or child for homeopathic treatment.

If your child is often unwell, perhaps with frequent colds, ear infections or recurrent fevers, and conventional medicine isn’t really helping, homeopathy may well improve their health.

If they are keeping you awake at night, and having difficulty sleeping, homeopathic remedies may resolve the problem, improving your health as well as theirs.

If their behaviour is difficult to handle, with tantrums, screaming or hitting, homeopathy may result in a much calmer, less anxious or aggressive child.

Louisa is probably one of the most experienced children’s homeopaths in the country, as she ran the Baby and Children’s Clinic at the Nottingham Natural Health Centre (now The Magnolia Therapy Centre) for over 15 years. She says, “Some of the very first babies brought to me are now at university! Although a source of joy, being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world. It can be exhausting, especially when they are not well. Homeopathy can help your child to be more healthy and contented.”

The Homeopathic Children’s Clinic welcomed children with all sorts of conditions, including eczema.


How effective is homeopathy in treating eczema?

The results of a retrospective study at the Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital by Dr.Spence have been published, in which 90 children with eczema, varying in age between 3 months and 9 years old, were followed during homeopathic treatment. All the children had well-established eczema, almost all of whom had been through the hands of a consultant dermatologist. Amongst these children, over 75% had a family history of asthma/eczema or hayfever.

Three children were lost to follow up, but of the remaining children, 89.6% were “better” or “much better”. For the children who had had eczema for less than a year, the duration of treatment averaged 1.23 years, and all those children had a better or much better outcome. Overall the average duration of treatment was 2.48 years (range 3 months to 9 years), which shows that the sooner children come for homeopathic treatment, the better.

The same study also gives the results for 40 adult patients, whose average duration of eczema at presentation was 18.27 years. These patients, therefore, had extremely long-standing and well established chronic disease and had all been seen by the hospital. The average duration of treatment was 1.8 years (duration 5 months to 5.25 years). Of the adults, none was worse from homeopathic treatment; 13.5% showed no change, and the rest improved (over 75% better or much better).


Dr.Spence’s study shows that although not useful for everybody, in a large majority homeopathy can often be very effective in the treatment of eczema, even with long-standing cases which have not responded to orthodox measures. It also gives a measure of the length of treatment that could be expected. 

Ref: Spence, DS Homoeopathic treatment of eczema: a retrospective survey of 130 cases. BHJ 4/1991, vol.80, pp.74-81.


Patients are usually seen once every 3-4 weeks (adults); children every 2-3 weeks. To make an appointment, please telephone the Magnolia Therapy Centre on 0115 960 8855. 

Clinic Hours

Thursdays 9 am to 6 pm and Saturdays      9 am to 1 pm (once a month)

Homeopathy Fees   (cash or cheque)

Adults                                                 first appt: £75 (2hrs) Follow up: £45 (40mins)

Children                                            first appt: £50 (1h20m)Follow up: £32 (40mins)

The fee includes the cost of the remedies, as well as time working on your case after the consultation, where necessary.

Louisa’s Biography

Imagine what it’s like to feel really well, both physically and emotionally. To be making healthy choices in all areas of your life. To know who you truly are….

If you’d like to enjoy the process of profound transformation, and the delight of discovering more joy and aliveness, come and work with Louisa.

Louisa Lera is a dynamic, highly motivated health practitioner; she works with integrity, humour and great care so that you have fun as well as feeling deeply listened to and accepted just as you are. As she says, “Change doesn’t have to be hard work. I expect the process to be life-changing – that ‘aha’ moment comes and then you can flow with life more easily. You’ll have insights, explore new possibilities, and potential, and become more comfortable in your own skin. You’ll also discover that you can feel better – you don’t have to put up with physical discomfort, stress, or low energy.”

As an analytical chemist working for Weleda in the 1980s, she was introduced to homeopathic medicine and went on to qualify as a practitioner. Since her early twenties, Louisa had been considering the question, ‘How can we be more vibrant, healthy and happy?’ With this in mind, she has also studied a variety of approaches throughout Europe, South East Asia, USA and Australasia; a wealth of experience to draw upon as she finds the best fit for what you need.

As well as being highly trained and experienced in homeopathy, Louisa’s range of expertise also includes:



Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

Life coaching

Thought pattern management

If you are unsure which to choose and would like to discuss the best ways to feel better, Louisa is happy to call you back. Please ask reception at the Magnolia Therapy Centre tel. 0115 960 8855.