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Kinesiology – Louisa Lera BSc(Hons), KF(Affil)

“I felt the impact and benefit of kinesiology after only one session. I have used kinesiology for both physical and emotional needs and have found it truly transformational! I cannot thank you enough.”

If you’re stressed or out of balance, and feeling like you should be able to function better, then your body itself may hold the answers – why not just ask? A blend of Western techniques and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, kinesiology is a safe, effective and enjoyable treatment.

Kinesiology uses a simple muscle-testing biofeedback technique to discover where and how the body needs to be rebalanced. A range of emotional and physical complaints can be helped, including stress, performance anxiety, a lack of energy or difficulty reaching your goals.

Louisa is trained in two forms of kinesiology, called Touch for Health and Three in One. Both use the same non-invasive muscle-testing technique, which is done standing and fully clothed.

Touch for Health is a straightforward way of rebalancing your energy, relieving tension and stress in the process. It has been likened to an MOT for the body.

Three in One is a refined method which uses in-depth knowledge of the nervous system, and how stress and emotions can affect the body at a cellular level. During the session, Louisa may use a number of ‘corrections’ (ways to restore harmony), including tapping stress release points, as well as visualisation, insight, metaphor and discussion.

“The session clarified how I was feeling about a situation that I had been unable to put into words, so that I could see it in a positive light, and gave me a powerful mental image to do this. I was slightly sceptical at first, but I still use that mental image, turning my thoughts to positive ones.”

Which form of kinesiology is best for my problem? Louisa will use muscle -testing to discover what you need to feel better.

How many sessions will I need? Again, we will be guided by your body-mind but three sessions are usually recommended to allow time for healing changes to take place.

Kinesiology – appointments etc

Appointments last 1hr 20mins.

Fee per session: £70 (cash or cheque).

Clinic days: Thursdays and some Saturdays.

Make an appointment with Louisa by telephoning the Magnolia Therapy Centre on 0115 960 8855.

What else might help you?

As well as being highly trained and experienced in kinesiology, Louisa’s range of expertise also includes:




Life Coaching

Thought Pattern Management

If you are unsure which to choose and would like to discuss the best ways to feel better, Louisa is happy to call you back.

Call reception at the Magnolia Therapy Centre tel. 0115 960 8855.