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Barbara Bates BA Hons – ‘This Coaching Business’ - Personal and Executive Coaching

BA(Hons), SRN(ret’d), MInstLM, AMAC 

I‘m a Personal and Executive Coach who specialises in working with Professional People Under Pressure. This may include what is generally known as Life Coaching and Wellness Coaching, which help you to work out how to maximise your well-being in all areas of your life and to be resilient in dealing with the stresses we all face.

It is marvellous what a difference a Good Listening To can make! I will help you to focus on the real issues, to believe that you can do something about it and support you while you do it. I have a wide life experience myself, a good sense of humour and a compassionate, determined and solution-focused approach to my work and to my life. I know what it’s like to work hard, juggle family responsibilities and still flourish!

Please see my website and my full profile here on the Life Coach Directory  For a free Personal Life Analysis related to wellbeing.

My qualifications include: L7 Executive Coach, NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, C&G Level 3 ‘Coaching in the Workplace’, Institute of Customer Services Qualified Coach and Assessor, Level 4 NVQ Management, Retired State Registered Nurse, BA Hons English Language and Literature. My professional experience is mainly in health and social care management, assessment and training. 

To contact me call 07957720023 or visit for further information or view my regular updates at



Life Transitions Coaching – Richard Lamb:

Life can sometimes be on the edgy, stressed, chaotic side, right? Do you feel that perhaps, just maybe, you're not heading in the right direction, a direction that means integrity, purpose and meaning to you? Do you feel you've reached a crossroads, and need friendly space to explore which direction best suites you current needs and future desires?

Our culture doesn't pay much attention to how an individual flows from one phase of life to another, which are really gateways to becoming a different person.

So to begin with, some opening questions I may ask might include:

  • What is your heart’s desire?
  • What are your current needs, here and now?
  • What is the most pressing issue that you're facing, right now?
  • What do you perceive is holding you back?
  • What does success and freedom look like, hear like, feel like, to you?

I believe that every person has the potential to develop their own solutions, whether those issues are professional/public or of personal and private. So with greater self-awareness, understanding, and perhaps some new mental tools and existing perspectives challenged. I am inspired in my own journey by Roberto Assagioli, Carl Jung and Sir John Whitmore; their teachings have informed my approach, through adopting a 'transpersonal' perspective on an individual’s life transition challenges, their goals and vision for a future which honours their uniqueness. Ultimately I intend to hold a safe space for an individual to create a personal freedom-oriented, sustainable way of engaging the world, that meets their personal needs and the needs of those they share their lives with.

To book your free 60-minute first consultation, you can call me on 07920011440 email me via  

Life Coaching  – Louisa Lera BSc(Hons), DipHyp, NLP(MasterPract), Cert.Life Coaching

Louisa’s approach to life

Stressed out? Work problems? Relationship issues? Not sure how to find a life that’s right for you?

We all want to feel happy, motivated and experience a zest for living. But somehow it’s not quite that easy, especially with all the pressures of life today. You’ve probably tried various options but it’s so hard to stay on track…

Just as sports people have coaches, you need an encouraging life coach – to help you identify what’s right for you, to stay motivated and stick to your decisions.

Louisa isn’t promising to wave a magic wand, and yet change and transformation can be possible with her help.

Louisa Lera is a dynamic, highly motivated practitioner; she works with integrity, humour and great care so that you have fun as well as feeling understood. As she says, “Change doesn’t have to be hard work. I expect the process to be life-changing – that ‘aha’ moment comes and then you can flow with life more easily. You’ll have insights, explore new possibilities, and potential, and be more comfortable in your own skin. You may also discover that you can feel more alive.”

Her experience and skills as a life coach are augmented by being qualified in NLP and as a hypnotherapist. These specialities often dovetail nicely, creating deeper and more long-lasting changes.

We would decide together what would suit you best.

Coaching – Louisa’s appointments etc

Appointments last 1hr 20mins.

Fee per session; £95 (cash or cheque).

Clinic days: Thursdays and some Saturdays.

How many sessions might you need?

Everyone is different! Clients often come with long standing problems, so it makes sense that it can take time to get your life back on track.  It’s probable that we will work together for some time as you discover new ways to handle problems, and new ways of thinking and understanding.

Make an appointment with Louisa by telephoning the Magnolia Therapy Centre on 0115 960 8855

What else might help you?

 As mentioned, as well as life coaching, Louisa’s range of expertise also includes:





Thought pattern management

If you are unsure which to choose and would like to discuss the best ways to feel better, Louisa is happy to call you back.

Call reception at the Magnolia Therapy Centre tel. 0115 960 8855.