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Thought Pattern Management (TPM) – Louisa Lera BSc(Hons) TPM(Master Practitioner)

Louisa is a Master Practitioner of TPM, which uses a range of techniques to educate and communicate with all levels of your mind.

By talking gently with you as you sit comfortably, Louisa connects with your unconscious mind, which governs all aspects of the body’s functioning, including digestion and breathing.

She prompts the deeper aspects of your mind to locate the area that needs to be restored to full functioning, and begins the process of rebuilding the affected parts according to the original physical blueprint - a bit like using the ‘restore’ facility on your computer.

As Robert Fletcher, the originator of TPM remarks, “If the client gets upset, you’re not doing it right!” The sessions are deeply relaxing.

“I tried TPM to help resolve neck pain – this had been worsening for several years until eventually I could only sleep flat on my back. Any movement would cause numbness and tingling in my hands. Surgery didn’t seem to make a great deal of difference. A week after my first session of TPM with Louisa I found that my neck movement was a lot easier and I was able, for the first time in many years, to sleep lying on my side with no problems. The neck pain has gone and I’ve got full movement of my neck again, something that I didn’t think would be possible. TPM is very relaxing and painless – and worth a try”

TPM – appointments and fees etc

Appointments last 1hr 20mins.

Fee per session: £70 (cash or cheque)

Clinic days: Thursdays and some Saturdays.

How many sessions will I need?

Some relief of body-mind symptoms can be very swift, but since it takes time to become unwell, it generally takes time restore optimism, buoyancy and well-being.

Three sessions are recommended and then we would review your needs. 

What else might help you?

As well as being highly trained and experienced in Thought Pattern Management, Louisa’s range of expertise also includes:



Life coaching



If you are unsure which to choose and would like to discuss the best ways to feel better, Louisa is happy to call you back. Call reception at the Magnolia Therapy Centre tel. 0115 960 8855